Dr. Marouli Coroneos

Dr Marouli Coroneos is an accomplished dentist in Sydney, NSW. She received her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Sydney University. Marouli is an extremely proficient dentist for now over 30 years.

What drives her work to excel is how well she connects and communicates with the people she is trying to help. Dr. Coroneos is a member of  The Australian Dental Association and continuously updates her skills and professional development to keep her close to the latest technology and practices.

When she isn’t looking into her patients mouths she spends her time as a talented and inventive home cook. It is her love and passion!

She is technically polished and mastered the art & perfection of planning, sourcing and organising meals for her family and friends.

With a crisp approach to travelling, Marouli is known to be a fearless adventure traveller. Recently she completed the Camino Walk, solo, in Spain; trekked in extremely high mountainous terrain and chased by a shaggy Yak in Bhutan.

She spent some delicious ” foodie” time in Rajasthan India learning more about their heavenly culinary secrets.

When she isn’t cooking she is a voracious and reflective reader- favouring history and fiction. It is commonly known by her friends and family that Marouli is gifted when it comes to home decorating and composition; she is bold and original in this study.


Dr Marouli Coroners

On the outside of her home her love of gardening is apparent and spiritual; she organised and actively helped design an authentic Japanese garden complete with rooftop garden featuring a rocky waterfall and koi fish.

Marouli is married, has 4 children and as a testimony for her love of all animals ( include the kids ) she has a very large hairy Tibetan Mastiff with another play mate to arrive soon.